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Lighting Your Home for Fall: 6 Tips to Illuminate Your Space

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

The arrival of Fall telegraphs the arrival of chillier weather and Daylight Savings Time. That means it's going to get a lot darker a lot earlier, and no one wants to come home to a dark house with no warmth or comfort! To combat that coming dark, we've come up with a few solutions for lighting your home for the Fall weather.

#1: Use Mirrors!

As a mirror retailer, we may be biased here, but it's true! Mirrors help bounce and reflect light across the space. It's one of the easiest and most effective ways to open your area while making the house feel more illuminated.

Nubury Woven Framed Wall Mirror


#2. Sconces!

Want to hear a huge mistake a lot of decorators make? Lots of overhead lighting. It's never cute. It's never flattering. It's never required! Instead of overhead or high up light sources, use wall sconces and lower lamps with shades. These solutions make your home feel warmer and embrace your space's architecture by reflecting and balancing light and shadow.

Maxfield Wood and Metal Wall Sconce


#3. Keep Your Bulbs Clean!

This is something no one thinks about often. You must keep your light bulbs clean and dust-free to maximize the amount of light in your space. Only the best and brightest bulbs can survive this season, so make sure to keep up on your dusting regiment!

Ciel Wall Sconce Shelf Set


#4. Candles!

With that frosty chill in the air, it can only mean one thing: candle season is upon us. Sure, we're not in the days of yore when they were our primary source of lighting at night, but candles are still a great way to set the vibe of your home. The warm and flickering glow is a great way to make your space feel calming and pretty in the colder weather.

Wayde Metal Candle Holder Set


#5. Switch Up Lighting Temperatures!

Not all bulbs are the same. The next time you go to the hardware store, check the labels in the light bulb section for the Kelvin (K) temperatures. During the Fall, you want to find bulbs that have a warmer glow to them, generally within the range of 27,000 K to 3,000 K. This range is inviting, warm, and most importantly, flattering.

Doria Metal Wall Candle Holder Sconce


#6. Accent Lighting!

Accent lighting is meant for strictly aesthetics, not necessarily main light sources, but they do the trick for capturing that fall vibe. Decorative, old-timey lanterns, fairy lights, and holiday lights are all great choices, whether you attach them to your walls, use them as scattered centerpieces, or line your windows with them.

Khauli Round Metal Wall Sconce


How do you light your home in the Fall? Tag us in an Instagram post and hashtag #KLfalllighting for a chance to be featured on our stories!

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