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5 Ways to Decorate with Neutrals

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Despite the minimalism of the color scheme, neutral tones have a transitional nature to make your home flourish in any season or décor trend. On the outside, neutrals could feel intimidating due to their rather blank slate, low-key nature. However, there’s a lot of fabulous techniques to allow your aesthetic to shine through in a neutral palette!

1. Wood Tones

When decorating with transitional neutral tones, you’ll want accent pieces that stand out without sticking out. Deep, rich tones like warm walnut or rustic brown finishes help stay in line with your décor scheme without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Soleyn Round Wood Side Table


2. Textiles

Softer elements like blankets, rugs, and throw pillows help break up the visual design of your space. Likewise, textiles are how you counter the argument of neutrals feeling drab or boring. Knits, weaves, and stand-out soft textures are enough to create a visually intriguing living area.

Foley Throw Blanket with Rope Tassels


3. Stay Away From All White

Sure, it’s simple and clean, but all white is a decorative instinct you should avoid. First of all, it’s a little boring. Second, it is very difficult to maintain and clean. No one wants to constantly see the minor dusting they need to do day in and day out. Finally, the solid color scheme is something you should avoid in general, just because your decorative accent pieces can get lost and feel boring after a while.

Ciel Metal Mirrored Scalloped Decorative Tray


4. Save Colors for Small Accents

Imagine it: soft whites, natural wood, tasteful beiges, and bright, floral window treatments or pillows. Adding pops of color in small ways throughout your space breathes life into the room without feeling too overwhelming.

Cates Wood Wall Storage Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door


5. Add Plants

Whether they’re small succulents or cascading vines across a mantle, plant life brings color and personality to a space. They don’t take up too much room, they feel lively and refreshing, and finally, plants make a room feel lived-in with minimal mess.

Finn Metal and Wood Tri-Level Plant Stand


How do you decorate with neutrals? Tag us in a post on Instagram with the hashtag #KLNeutrals.

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