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Embracing the Coziness of Cottagecore

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Yes, folks, it’s time. The cozy season is upon us, and for some, it’s the only season they ever want to live. That’s where Cottagecore comes in! Inspired by the coziness and warmth of the indoors in autumn, cottagecore has a longer history than anyone could anticipate. So let’s dive in and explore its beginnings and what makes cottagecore special in the home décor world.

What is Cottagecore?

 “cottage” is representative of the cozy countryside, while “core” means an absolute immersion in everything about the prefix. Cottagecore is an idealized style meant to signify “simpler times,” using natural materials, rustic looks, handmade items, and artisanal creations in homeware. It culminates in a cozy home riddled with symbols of domesticity and a life off the grid. It’s ironic that, with such a naturalist viewpoint, it became popular on the internet in 2018!

Left: Sylvie "Clover" Framed Canvas by Viola Kreczmer
Right: Sylvie "Wild Flower" Framed Canvas by Viola Kreczmer


Where Did It Start?

Whether through Pinterest or Tumblr, or even Instagram, influencers everywhere became enraptured with the idea of leaving it all behind to a small cottage in a remote meadow. It essentially became the aesthetic of country life without the manual labor intrinsically involved in such a lifestyle.

Abberly Wood Wall Shelf

What Does It Look Like?

Unsurprisingly, cottagecore took off when the pandemic hit in 2020. The home décor pieces are generally tactile, with a rustic or rough-hewn look taking priority. Cottagecore brings in a lot of vintage pieces restored to their original beauty and pieces crafted by hand to achieve a distinct look. You can also find familiar, classic patterns such as florals, ruffles, and other retro-inspired looks within this niche, taking up furniture pieces that were originally in your grandmother’s collection.

Bellport Wood Console Table with Shelf


How To Achieve It

Cottagecore is simpler to pull off than one might think. First, find natural materials within handmade items such as distressed wood, authentic marble, and brilliant stone to bring your space to life. Next, hide your technology when not in use to give your area an uncomplicated, timeless feel. And finally, showcase family heirlooms to give your space depth and emotion, telling the story of your home through the pieces you use to decorate.

Bruillet Round Wooden Footed Tray 


Do you love cottagecore? Do you have a home embracing cottagecore? Tell us about it! Tag us in a photo on Instagram and hashtag #KLcottagecore for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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