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Decorating Your Bathroom

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Organize with a Tray

Sometimes a morning routine leaves a sweeping tornado of toiletries in its wake. Soaps, lotions, potions, and everything in between ends up everywhere; foundation scattered like dust in the wind. To keep your vanity looking pristine, try adding a decorative tray to your countertop. It keeps all your daily essentials in one place with no mess and no stress. Everything you need will be within arms reach without making your bathroom feel used and dirty.


Hang Your Favorite Artwork

Your master bathroom, in a way, is your canvas. Most follow a pretty neutral color palette: Whites, blacks, and other solids keep it simple and uncomplicated. That’s what makes adding your art so easy! A beautiful canvas or even framed photos can add a sense of self to your walls without clashing with your theme. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, an adorable little elephant, or a sandy coast, a piece of art can transport you somewhere fun and relaxing.


Display Some Greenery

Adding a succulent or plant to your bathroom is a great way to give it a relaxing rain forest vibe. It’s a low-cost, high reward décor piece that will never break the bank. Whether you put it on a windowsill, the toilet tank, or on a planter or plant stand, a little green goes a long way.


Open Up Your Space with Mirrors

Decorate for the home you want. Adding an accent mirror to your bathroom provides dimension while drawing in more light. Reflective glass wall décor and other items make your space look and feel more expansive while creating an eye-catching theme.


How are you redecorating your bathroom oasis? Show off any Kate and Laurel products on Instagram and tag us for a feature on our page!

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