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Decorating with Trays

by Savina Gomez |

Home décor sets the tone of any room; however, sometimes décor doesn't include a lot of functionality. Adding a tray to your space is a fantastic choice for bringing utility into your home. It's also great for layering your décor and creating a cohesive picture of the aesthetic you love. Check out some fun and creative ways to decorate with trays in your home.

A Functional Ottoman

We all love an ottoman to pair with a couch or loveseat, but it doesn't leave a ton of space for household odds and ends. Adding a tray gives you a place for media remotes, magazines, books, and more without over-cluttering your tables!

Show Off Your Green Thumb

Want to bring a splash of color to entryway or living room? A decorative tray allows you to showcase succulents and beautiful florals on a protected surface. The right plant or botanical enhances your space with some much-needed vibrancy and color.


A Catch-All, But Make It Glamorous

A glamorous metal tray is a great way to keep track of makeup brushes, soaps, and more! It makes a fabulous complement to a glam vanity while showcasing some of your favorite perfumes and lotions.

A Dazzling Centerpiece

Whether you're serving a dinner party or hosting a blowout event, a tray makes a fantastic dining table centerpiece. It brings your event's theme together while providing a centralized location to decorate with flowers, candles, cards, and more!


A Welcome Pack!

Are you welcoming guests to your home or creating the Airbnb of your dreams? Having a decorative tray for a thoughtfully curated gift basket will make your guests feel right at home. Provide some keepsakes like soaps, postcards, flowers, and other personal touches to make your house feel like a home to all!

How do you use trays in your household? Let us know! Show off your Kate and Laurel trays and tag @kateandlaurel on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page!

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