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How to Use Floating Shelves

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Wall shelves are the most versatile tools in our decorative toolbox. The right shelf or shelf set allows you to create a beautiful display of keepsakes, plants, and other decorative accents. What is the key to decorating shelves in every room? Check out how to use a floating shelf in each space of your home!

Add Extra Bathroom Vanity Storage

Some vanities don’t include a ton of additional storage below the sink or behind the mirror. Sometimes we have to improvise! Your bathroom’s storage capacity can be vastly improved by hanging a floating shelf. It’s perfect for saving space while providing storage for everything from toilet paper, medicine, soap, and even towels! Ideal places for a floating shelf in the bathroom are above the toilet, near the shower (for quick access), or over the door for decorative displays.

Havlock 2-Piece Shelf Set, Rustic Brown

Create a Display Surface in Your Living Room 

Sure, a no-brainer for some, but a floating shelf in the living room is an endless treasure trove of possibility. The living room is a great place to experiment and change up your style. Use a corner shelf as a way to enhance the dark, drab areas of your space with some fun decorative accents. If you want to create a bold, futuristic side table, try using deep floating shelves to flank your couch! They’ll make fantastic end tables while giving you storage below for blankets and other household necessities.

Holt Wall Shelf, Rustic Brown

Create Open Storage in Your Kitchen 

Plates, mugs, and cooking supplies can take up a lot of space in the kitchen. To use the area to the fullest potential, hanging a shelf could end up being your saving grace. Hang a floating wire shelf above your sink for things you’ll need at arm’s reach, like a can opener, mixing bowls, soap, or a garlic press. A multi-tiered wall shelf also works if you need extra space for your larger cooking supplies like cookie sheets, cutting boards, or pots and pans.

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Declutter Your Workspace in the Office 

The right wall shelf above or behind your desk makes all the difference. Shelves are a perfect way to de-clutter your workspace. Use a wall shelf to create a filing system, a bookshelf, or a way to keep track of the binders filled with your documents and projects. Say goodbye to that endless pile of papers at the corner of your desk; by hanging this shelf in arm’s reach, you won’t feel your work closing in on you ever again.

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Save Space in Your Bedroom 

Save space in your bedroom by hanging one or two wall shelves above your bed! Above the bed is a perfect place for keepsakes and items for your bedtime ritual. It would also be fantastic as a small bookshelf, allowing you to pull your favorite novel and become engrossed in your next adventure as soon as your head hits the pillow. Hanging your wall shelves above your bed is also great for displaying photos and art, reminding you to express gratitude for the important things in life.

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