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The K&L Guide to Farmhouse Style

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Farmhouse style is a particularly tricky aesthetic to pull off. This style is a bit of an umbrella term for those pieces that make up the All-American decorative aesthetic, using industrial iron, robust solid wood, and galvanized or textured materials. This classic cozy style can feel a little risky at first, but if you choose the right color scheme, textures, and décor, it could make your home into the comfy farmhouse cottage you always wanted.

The History

It’s not hard to figure out where farmhouse decorating began in the United States; after all, the 1700s is when farmhouse architecture started with settlers in new territories. However, as materials and techniques began to solidify, the farmhouse style we know today came to be in the 1930s. Today, there are two sects of farmhouse design: rustic farmhouse style and modern farmhouse style. Where rustic is more focused on vintage pieces and distressed finishes, modern farmhouse evolves the basic elements with soft lighting and clean, minimal lines.


The Basic Elements

Neutral Colors

A farmhouse, by definition, needs to commune with nature, whether that be by being an authentic farmhouse or utilizing the neutral tones of wildlife throughout the space. Use colors like beige, cream, sage, or slate with subtle warm gold or navy hints to add visual intrigue.

Get the Look: Jeran Entryway Bench with Shelf

Jeran Entryway Bench with Shelf


Vintage Art

Vintage or rustic art pieces can add personality and character to your home, solidifying the theme you want to represent. Discover reclaimed signs in salvage shops or explore vintage-inspired décor elements that exemplify this cozy era of design.

Get the Look: Blake Same Day Laundry Framed Printed Glass by Maggie Price of Hunt and Gather Goods

Blake Same Day Laundry Framed Printed Glass by Maggie Price of Hunt and Gather Goods 



Textural décor, like a chunky knit blanket, shiplap, or textured patterns on linens, brings coziness to your space with tactile sensations. You could even add a unique focal point like a window wall plaque or a longhorn-inspired décor accent to highlight the timeless style of the country in your home.

Get the Look: Rennell Window Pane Arch Wall Decor

 Rennell Window Pane Arch Wall Decor


Solid Wood

Solid wood material goes a long way in terms of longevity and style, particularly with worn elements like distressing or whitewash. A solid wood construction paired with a distressed finish creates a storied look of antiquity, allowing your home to homage to simpler times while creating a harmonious, artisanal theme throughout the space. Get the Look

Get the Look: Cates Wood End Table with Sliding Barn Door

Cates Wood End Table with Sliding Barn Door 


Industrial Accents

Bring that All American style to your home with décor pieces with notes of subtle industrial style. Using rustic or sleek iron with a natural or black finish offers a way to break up your decorative color palette while showcasing your farmhouse style.

Get the Look: Yitro Metal Framed Wall Mirror

 Yitro Metal Framed Wall Mirror

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