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Decorating with Natural Materials

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

When we design our favorite collections, we try to mix them up and think outside the box. That’s why we gather multiple types of wood, metal, and stone materials to create one-of-a-kind items to inspire and elevate your home. Check out the premium materials offered in some of our favorite product collections:

Mango Wood

What a lot of people don’t know about mango wood is that it’s fairly sustainable. It’s so important to be environmentally friendly in as many collections as possible, which is why we like to use this wood whenever possible. Native to India, this wood takes 7-15 years to grow, and the mango tree is used for furniture and décor only once the tree stops producing fruit, allowing fruit farmers to plant more at the end of its cycle. This wood is excellent for aiding the planting cycle while creating beautiful décor products. Plus, it’s very durable, ensuring that our customers receive an enduring display piece that will last decades.

Get the Look: Ulani Round Metal Accent Tables

Ulani Round Metal Accent Tables



We could write a full essay on marble alone. Where to begin? Marble is incredibly durable with its scratch-resistant surface to preserve its beautiful, sleek look. This stonework is also extremely versatile, with a veined design that holds subtle differences from piece to piece, making each marble home décor item 100% unique. Bonus: polishing and oiling are all it takes to make this material look pristine.

Get the Look: Tira Round Side Table

Tira Round Side Table



Iron often brings an industrial touch to your décor items. This metal is always resilient and leaves a bold impression, whether it’s fashioned into a sleek and minimalist bar cart or used in a robust and rustic hanger for a barn door design. Iron also brings a unique texture to your items when mixed with wood, creating a varied and striking accent piece that captures attention.

Get the Look: Yitro Metal Framed Wall Mirror

Yitro Metal Framed Wall Mirror


Tempered Glass

We like to add a dash of contemporary elegance to shelves or tables to add glass surfaces. However, you may get worried about the performance of the glass. Tempered glass is stronger and resistant to heat, breakage, and scratches. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile, offering sheer beauty in any décor item. Choose from frosted, clear, or engraved tempered glass to elevate your décor aesthetic.

Get the Look: Tulare Metal & Glass Side Table

Tulare Metal & Glass Side Table


Check out more of our favorite materials we use on our website at!

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