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Handcrafted in India

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Over the last two years, Kate and Laurel searched the world for new ways to innovate our products. This thirst for innovation leads us to the dedicated artisans of India and their one-of-a-kind techniques that make products meaningful. Check out some of our favorite products crafted by hand in India to find out what makes them so unique.

Mango Wood

Yes, that mango. This unique wood species derives from mango trees! Due to the robust nature of this wood, it doesn’t wear out as easily, retaining its beautiful texture for decades. It’s also naturally resistant to water and very durable. In addition, this material creates a sustainable harvesting process, cultivated for 15 years per tree as a bonus. One of our favorite mango wood products is our Padgette Mirror, emphasizing the robust material in a slat-like design.

Padgette Wood Framed Wall Mirror


Sandcast Aluminum

Sandcasting is a unique process with origins dating back 3,000 years in South Asia, making it one of the oldest metalworking techniques. While this process is done by machinery these days, many pieces in our collection, like the Alessia Table and the Xylon Mirror, are crafted by hand with keen attention to detail. Sand casting was originally for the creation of statues. It’s a process involving a pattern or design compacted in a mixture of sand and a bonding agent to create a textural, coarse sand mold, in which molten metal is poured into the mold to create a beautifully cast piece of décor finished with polishing and coat of paint.

Alessia Round Coffee Table


Hammered Iron

A hammered metal texture is a detail that fully showcases the passion and personal touch of the artisan. It provides texture to emphasize the industrial style of the piece and showcases the work that goes into the item. You can see this passion in products like our Sanzo Table collection!

Sanzo Metal Side Table


Stone Materials

Stone is very trendy in the market in almost every era of home décor. However, while marble is the most popular, uncommon stone materials deserve love too! Unique veining and unusual patterning increase the visual intrigue in the stonework. Rose quartz, black agate, and more stone tabletops are featured in our beautiful Aguilar Drink Table collection!

 Aguilar Glam Drink Table


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