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Must-Have Centerpieces: 3 Ways to Fascinate with Your Table

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

The right centerpiece can set the tone of your entire event with just a simple glance. Centerpieces fascinate and delight guests and can unite a theme with their decorative aesthetic. Check out some of our favorite ideas for the ultimate party centerpiece at your next get-together.

A Tabletop Plant Stand

A plant stand allows you to bring the delicate beauty of nature to your table. A shorter tabletop plant stand is great for showcasing a green thumb or some faux greenery throughout your space. Use it to show off an incoming herb garden, decadent, aromatic florals, or faux succulents to breathe life into your room scene.

Finn Tiered Tabletop Planter


A Multi-Tiered Tray

A multi-tiered tray allows you to decorate with a variety of décor pieces with a similar aesthetic. Use each tier as a cascading waterfall of chic style, using it for small succulents, polaroids, inspirational signs, or other decorative accents. Also, if your multi-tiered tray is food-safe, what is more showstopping than a decadent display of cupcakes or cocktails? If it’s not going to be on your Instagram, it’s going to be on one of your partygoers’.

Lipton Tiered Decorative Tray


An Avant-Garde Tabletop Mirror           

Smaller mirrors as decorative centerpieces have been gaining more and more traction over the last couple of years. Particularly at weddings, you’ll find them converted into signs or fun message boards. A small tabletop mirror makes your party into an elegant affair, showcasing your glamorous personal style while giving your guests something unique and interesting to marvel at while talking at dinner or waiting for the dance floor to open up and the music to start playing. To elevate your tabletop mirror even further, draw pictures or label the table number with a dry erase marker for a pop of color.


Maxfield Round Tabletop Mirror

What’s your favorite kind of centerpiece? Tag us in a photo on Instagram and hashtag #KLcenterpieces for a chance to be featured on our stories!

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