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Maximize Your Space with Multifunctional Decor

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

When decorating your home, it’s important to choose home décor that maximizes the space you’re creating. Investing in home décor with a multifunctional design is perfect for getting the most out of each room. Multifunctionality also eliminates investing in multiple items, saving you money long-term. So come along with us as we go room to room to discover multifunctional décor solutions!

Living Room: Tables with Storage

Choosing a multi-level side table or coffee table eliminates the need to store items directly on the tabletop. Décor like the Nira Coffee Table provides an additional storage tier to keep things like blankets, books, media remotes, and more safe and secure.

Nira Coffee Table

Nira Metal Coffee Table


Dining Room: Multi-Level Trays

A multi-tiered tray, particularly a food-safe multi-tiered tray, is the perfect addition to your dining room. A multi-tiered tray like our Downing is great for creating a show-stopping centerpiece for your dining table or serving guests appetizers and desserts! This tray can also serve as storage for kitchen necessities if you want even more functionality.

Downing Tray

Downing Three Tier Tray


Bathroom: Wall-Mounted Cabinetry

Go beyond a standard medicine cabinet by adding elegant wall-mounted cabinetry. A cabinet like our Cates not only features two tiers of storage for toiletries but three metal hanging hooks to hang towels and robes! A cabinet with additional hanging hooks is perfect for wet clothes while keeping your medications and expensive skincare products safe and secure.

Cates Cabinet

Cates Decorative Barn Door Wood Wall Mounted Cabinet


Kitchen: Rolling Carts

Every kitchen needs a rolling cart. A rolling cart is perfect for creating a portable bar or simply stowing away ingredients, spices, and other kitchen supplies. Our Piazza Cart features removable wheels and a narrow design that mounts to your wall, creating even more space-saving solutions!

Piazza Cart

Piazza Storage Cart


Bedroom: Robust Benches

Adding a bench to your bedroom is the perfect pairing with your bed. Placing it at the foot of your bed provides a unique design, additional storage, and seating when you need to put on a pair of boots or create a workstation. Our Lillian bench provides all the surface you need to make your space feel more transitional.

Lillian Bench

Lillian Wood Bench with Shelf


Entryway: Wall Organizers

A wall organizer in your entryway is a fantastic addition to your space. Whether you need a space to organize your mail, hang your coat, or write quick memos before heading out the door, it is important not to overwhelm the already-small entryway area. Instead, invest in an all-in-one wall organizer like our Idamae to save precious space and keep your home organized.

Idamae Wall Organizer
Idamae Wood Framed Chalkboard Wall Organizer


How do you use multifunctional décor? Let us know in the comments below!

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