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Happy Earth Day!: Decorating Your Home Sustainably

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Sustainable shopping and decorating is an important way to ensure that our planet stays healthy and happy, and when Mother Nature is happy, we’re happy! So if you want to give back to the environment and create an eco-friendly home, follow some of these sustainability practices.

Invest in Long-Lasting Pieces

We all know those big box Swedish furniture stores that sell inexpensive items that may not have longevity built into their design. That’s why it’s important that, when you want a new décor item, you invest in products that will last for years of display. The environmental impact of long-lasting pieces is minimal, lessening your waste while creating a home décor scheme made to last. Hardwoods, resilient iron, and robust stone are excellent choices to lengthen your home décor journey. If premium, long-lasting pieces are at high price points, budget and save effectively for select items you know you’ll have for a long time.

Rioux Wood Nesting Tables


Select Sustainable Material

Of course, seeking décor items with more sustainable practices is perfect for balancing your carbon footprint. Recycled materials like reclaimed wood or reused polyester in upholstery are fantastic for limiting waste and giving older pieces new life. You can also invest in products that have sustainable development, like mango wood, bamboo, or cork. Bamboo doesn’t need to be replanted after each harvest and doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides. Mango wood is used for its fruit for 15 years before the end of its life cycle when used for furniture pieces. Finally, cork is an eco-friendly byproduct because it is made from tree bark, limiting the need to cut down an entire tree.

Locklear Wood Console Table



Think back to all the home décor you’ve purchased and the homes it’s lived in; sure, they may not serve your current décor scheme obsession, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find a new life somewhere else! For example: take a simple ottoman tray and place it in your bathroom for a jewelry or makeup-holding tray. Or, if one of your plants has tragically passed, you don’t have to throw its planter away! Instead, re-purpose that planter as a holder for office, crafting, or kitchen supplies! If it’s a large plant pot, you can also use it as handy umbrella storage in your entryway!

Gavri Tabletop Planter Set


Add Greenery

Plants have a way of bringing a refreshing beauty to any space of your home. Not only that, but once they become full-grown, you can give them back to the wilderness by planting them in a garden or a nearby park. You can even propagate your plants by trimming off nodes and growing more in a long-lasting cycle!

Fitley Wooden Plant Stand


Decorate with Light Colors

Did you know decorating with light colors or lightly-colored walls can save money on your energy bill? It’s true! A room that incorporates brighter colors enhances the natural and manufactured light in the space. Glossy finishes also reflect light and make your room appear more luminous, saving you money on your energy bill in the long run by allowing you to use less electricity.

Shovali Rustic Round Mirror


How do you maintain sustainable practices in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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