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How to Decorate with Nature

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

The beauty of mother nature is coming back in a big way in 2022. Decorators across the country are indulging in organic materials and relishing in a beautiful nature-inspired color palette to rejuvenate their home with the spirit of the wild! So how can you harness the mysterious beauty of mother nature in your home décor scheme? Try these latest tips and trends to synchronize your home with the environment.


This one should be obvious, so it’s our very first recommendation. Adding green succulents or floral accents is not only a great way to showcase a green thumb but adds a bold pop of color in a scheme of neutrals. However, just because you’re adding potted plants doesn’t mean you need an indoor garden. Flower-dyed cotton and faux greenery never dry out and are just as effective in showcasing organic style.

Kate and Laurel Nobrey Planter

Nobrey Hanging Planter Set



Greenery is quite a literal approach to decorating with nature, but there are more subtle ways to achieve this look. For example, accent pieces that feature unique curves throughout, reminiscent of natural grooving and crashing ocean waves, give that organic, unstructured style to your décor. Likewise, accents with soft curves or curvilinear designs bring the tranquility you’re searching for to any room scene.

Kate and Laurel Viona Mirror

Viona Round Scalloped Mirror 


Rustic (and Sustainable) Woods

Using rattan or sustainably harvested wood is a fantastic way to introduce the environment to your home. Rattan has that intricate, hand-woven bamboo look, harnessing that cultivated, handcrafted aesthetic. Meanwhile, pine, fur, and mango wood are the most sustainable hardwood materials found in many home décor products. Finally, if you want that earthy look, distressed and natural rustic finishes on your furniture and décor will put your décor over the edge.

Kate and Laurel Oren Mirror 

Oren Framed Wall Mirror


Natural Light

Bring in the most natural light possible by incorporating a lighter color palette in your decorative style. Mirrors are the go-to recommendation for increasing light in your space; however, you can also invest in natural wood finishes, white or lighter wall colors, and even a high-gloss paint on your ceiling to increase the brightness of the space. These methods for creating a brighter room enhance the presence of mother nature within your home while also making it feel more welcoming to family and guests.

Kate and Laurel Lipton Tray 

Lipton Round Decorative Tray with Metal Handles


How are you decorating with nature this spring?

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