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Indoor Décor: How to Decorate With Greenery

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Here’s the thing: Sometimes when it’s raining outside, or you’re working with a space that puts the “in” in “indoors,” you have to bring nature to you. Decorating your home or office with greenery and plant life brings a breath of fresh air to any living space that needs just a touch of life and color. Here are some tips and fun facts for harnessing your green thumb from the comfort of your workspace or living space.

Tip #1: Use Faux Plants

When you’re working from 9 to 5, you’re not always going to have time to keep a plant alive. You might not have the ideal workspace or room to give your plant adequate sunlight, either. But that doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the plant party! Faux plants give you the look of real plants with none of the maintenance. You’d be quite surprised at how versatile plants can be in your home. You can put them in anything from terrariums, planters, jars, buckets, and more! It’s a truly versatile way to decorate your space with no cleanup and no hassle.


Tip #2: Use a Liner

Every décor piece has to look like it fits into your space. So why put a big, bulky clay pot in the corner of your desk? Instead, utilize decorative planters and liners for authentic botanicals that fit into your living space without quickly dying. Pot liners are excellent because they hold the soil in one place without losing any moisture. They’re great for open-concept or metal planters as they are super easy to clean. You can even make your liner with everyday household objects! Use anything from a plastic container to plastic bags, or, if you’re eco-friendly, try moss and coconut fiber.


Tip #3: The Benefits of Indoor Plants

The thing about keeping a plant nearby while you work is that it has some surprising health benefits. Not only does it kickstart creativity, but decorating with real plants helps improve your overall mood! A study done by the University of Hyogo in Awaji, Japan, showed that the introduction of an indoor plant to an office dramatically reduced anxiety and psychological distress.


How do you decorate with greenery? Post a pic on Instagram and hashtag #KateandLaurel for a chance to be featured on our page or stories!


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