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How to Create the Perfect Photo Gallery

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Photo display can be tricky: You don’t want your walls looking like something out of the FBI, but you also don’t want to keep your favorite memories locked away in a dusty storage room. Here are some tips and tricks on how to display your most precious memories in a beautiful, organized wall gallery.

Choose the Right Frames for Your Home

Sure, you can get those cheap-o $1 frames at the drug store and probably be fine. But don’t you want to create something a little more decorative and eye-catching? Choose a collection of frames that blends into your preferred home aesthetic while creating a sophisticated wall display to showcase.

Arrangement #1: The Focal Point

This arrangement ultimately works with a staggered or scaled-size frame set. Typically, you have one frame that is the largest size. This large frame makes for a defined focal point in the center, while you stagger the rest of your frames in a clockwise or geometric pattern. Try to keep the same distance between the small frames and the large central frame—you can do this by practicing on your floor before mounting!

Arrangement #2: Stacked and Symmetrical

This gallery is the easiest way to hang by far, so long as you maintain an equidistant amount of space between frames. Simply hang your frame set in pairs or more in a symmetrical pattern, stacked row by row. It offers your home a more vertical display while adding wall space for more decorative accents.

Arrangement #3: Stagger It Out

Create an incline down the stairs, or an alternating hallway look. You can either alternate them by height or have your frame set be more of a uniform, straight line, equidistant from one another.

Arrangement #4: Create Less Holes with a Photo Rail

A photo rail allows you to create, at minimum, two holes in the wall while providing you with a dynamic display that can mount four or more frames. It’s excellent for apartment or dorm living where you want to leave as little of a trace as possible.


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