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Finding Your Personal Home Décor Style

by Catherine Bell |

Finding (and refining) your home décor style can be hard; we’re the first to admit it. We’ve all been there at least once, if not multiple times, as we look around our house at the array of furniture we’ve accumulated over the years - a hodgepodge of looks and personalities mingling around our homes like a bunch of awkward guests at a boring cocktail party. And just like a boring party – all you want to do is leave!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In terms of your home surroundings, you know what looks best and what you like most. But sometimes, putting it all together can be overwhelming. There's too much choice, too expensive, and too much time to make it happen! At Kate and Laurel we want to make it easy on you. We offer one of our four design styles that makes it simple to stick with one look. Or you can mix-and-match for a beautiful eclectic display that works with the decor you already have.  Each of our collections are curated by our expert designers with a distinct style in mind to match your lifestyle and each piece is chosen to look great together.

So, relax!

At, we are committed to providing well designed, yet affordable décor because we believe decorating your home should be fun, engaging, easy, affordable and all without compromising your personal style.

When you enter our online store, you will be able to “Shop Your Style” through a selection of four unique styles of home décor so you can quickly pick the style that speaks to you and the soul of your home.

Choose a style for your taste:

The Kaya collection incorporates plenty of contemporary elements with clean lines and distinct purpose, making it perfect for those who like simple, uncluttered spaces.

The Avery collection keeps the individual free spirit in mind using an array of pattern-on-pattern and one of a kind like treasures all with a global appeal.

The Lillian collection boasts a sophisticated, enduring appeal made up of updated traditional looks pulled together beautifully with a classically calm intent.

The Sophia collection is casual, comfortable décor that doesn’t sacrifice function or style in its presentation of timeless, transitional décor for your home.

Come back to the party:

Regardless if it’s your entire home or just one room that needs a personality makeover, we make it easy to adapt your home’s décor style to the current trends while still maintaining a look that is all your own. At Kate and Laurel you’ll be able to trust your instincts and maintain your authenticity knowing that your choices have been selected and carefully curated by designers that are inspired by shoppers just like you. Your invitation awaits!


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