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Decorating your teenage daughter’s room

by Catherine Bell |

Through the eye rolls, long sighs and "tell it to the hand" gestures you try to keep your teenage daughter(s) moving forward without too much strife. But the one thing most parents have a hard time choosing their battles over is the mess in their darling daughter's room. At Kate and Laurel, we’re mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and we feel you!

The good news is we have ideas and products to help and inspire your nearly grown-up bundle of joy. Products and ideas to help keep her organized, in style and maybe even encouraged to take a dish to the kitchen, instead of stashing it under her bed (fingers crossed!).

1) Give them inspiration

Beautiful bedroom images can be found on many social media sites

As much as you’d like them spending less time on social media, why don’t you use it for a source of good? Many of the images she’l find on Instagram or Pinterest can be easily adapted to fit her space. Encourage her to choose and save the ideas that work for her style and it will be a great way for both of you to know where to start.

2) Help her see the benefits of organization

Freeing up floor space for her activities, the ability to find what she’s looking for when she wants it, room for a sleepover – all great incentives for her to get organized and stay organized.

The K&L Loki Easel Mirror presents a full-length mirror for her wardrobe check with the added bonus of a place to throw her scarves and purses

3) Let her express herself

Wall décor is a beautiful way to inspire your teen to take pride in her decorating style.

The alpaca animal print is one of our most popular but she can choose from a whole farm or forest of her favorite animals to adorn her walls with in a frame finish that matches her room.


4) Provide plenty of storage

Pretty trays, cute desk organizers, under bed storage, shoe racks, etc will all help her keep her stuff contained and ready to use when she needs it.

A glamorous mirrored tray that also keeps things together is a great choice

5) Reward them with something they’ll love

Blend ideas that suit her style and add a bit of fun. A gorgeous set of pillows or a chunky blanket with large tassels may be just what it takes to stir her heart and encourage a tidy display of what she loves.

Throw blankets and pillows add a bit of luxury

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