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Best Color Combos for Your Style

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Whether you’re a boho beauty, glam goddess, modern Mary, or a farmhouse fashionista, you’ll always have certain colors that are perfect for your décor. However, it isn’t easy to feel confident about your color palette when styling your home. We’re here to help! Check out some of our favorite color combos for styling your home according to your aesthetic.


The modern décor theme is typically for those seeking comfort in clean minimalism. The classic colors that are excellent for any modern space are black, white, and neutral, muted colors that don’t feel overwhelming or too bright. These colors allow for an aesthetic that can be simple or a baseline for bold and striking accessories.

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When decorating with a Bohemian edge, you can never go wrong with featuring warm, earthy colors, like forest green, deep browns, gray, and pale blues. However, boho is a bit of a wildcard in the décor game, and there aren’t many rules for decorating. Boho could also mean electrifying jewel tones to offer visual intrigue and uniqueness to your space. It’s all about assembling a layered display of a few colors that complement each other well.

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Glam décor is a little easier than some of the other styles with its lavish look. Golds! Blacks! Silvers! Whites! Grays! Deep greens and teals! All of these are fantastic options for starting your luxe color palette, offering sophistication in a layered and complex display of dazzling style.

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Last but certainly not least, the farmhouse color palette is perfect for creating that cozy vibe that reminds you of home. To achieve this calming and vintage-inspired style, use colors like beige, natural wood, white or graywash, or cream. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also accentuate these base colors with sparks of green, pale blue, or yellow.

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