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Creating the Ultimate Entertaining Space

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Do you know that pre-party anxiety you get before company comes? All these questions roll around in your head, like, “is the food good? Will they like my décor? Do I look presentable enough for my most trusted circle of friends and also acquaintances?” While Kate and Laurel can’t help you with hors d’oeurves or outfits, we can definitely give you some suggestions on decorating your entertaining space. Check out these five tips for creating the party of your dreams.

  1. Style Your Entryway Right

You know what they say: You only get one shot to make a first impression. That’s why entryway décor is essential! Think of the wow factor that will electrify your guests and make their faces light up like Christmas trees. There’s plenty of ways to make an inviting entryway: start with making it vibrant with a mirror or elegant sconces. You could even brighten it up with bold wall color or tasteful plants and florals!

Maxfield Wood and Metal Wall Sconce


  1. Open Your Floorspace

Ever been to a party where people are awkwardly nudging each other out of the way to get one room to the next? Yeah, it’s never fun. That’s why you should open your floor space as much as possible. Convertible furniture pieces like folding coffee or side tables work perfectly to free up your area, plus they’re easy to store at a moment’s notice.

Celia Round Metal Coffee Table


  1. Bring Personality to a Room with Art

Having a party with blank walls is certainly one way to do it, but if you want to create stunning conversation pieces, try implementing some chic canvas art! Some party or cocktail-themed art pieces sets the mood and brings a sense of festivity to a space, creating an environment that’s ready to party.

Blake Classic Cocktails Framed Printed Glass by Cat Coquillette


  1. Create a Natural Flow Between Spaces

Are you having an indoor/outdoor event? A screened-in porch or sunroom helps with a flowing environment, but also allowing those spaces to be accessible as possible is important. Instead of freestanding floor planters, use wall planters for greenery lining the exit. Wall mounting not only helps point your guests in the direction of the backyard but allows there to be easy in and out without furniture pieces in the way.

Ascher Wall Mounted Planter


  1. Utilize Portables

What we mean by “portables” is decorative trays or carts. These items help carry your favorite cocktails, small plates, and dessert displays from location to location in your home, allowing you the flexibility you need to take the party wherever it needs to go.


Graycott Decorative Marble Tray

What are some of your favorite entertaining tips? Let us know on Instagram by tagging our account and using the hashtag #KLentertaining!

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