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Mudroom Makeover: 5 Tips for The Ultimate Home Base

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

The mudroom is an essential room in the home for order and organization. Not only that, but it allows you the space you need to decompress from the day as soon as you walk through the door. It’s great for taking off shoes, storing coats, and even doing laundry. More important, it’s fantastic for keeping the dirt and debris from the outdoors away from your prized floors and cherished décor. However, just because it’s called a “mud” room doesn’t mean we can’t spruce it up with some décor! Here are five of our favorite tips for creating the ultimate mudroom.

Add a Bench

The addition of a bench to your mudroom not only makes it feel homey but adds extra seating for your space. Whether you need an area to kick off snow boots, fold laundry, or use as extra seating, the addition of a bench only helps any space. If the bench has additional storage beneath, such as a metal rack, cubbies, or a chest, that also helps save floor space.

Jeran Entryway Bench with Shelf


Use Open Storage

A lot of mudrooms have overhead cabinets for storing things. However, a trendier way to store items is to keep your space open with floating shelves. It’s a great way to keep things like detergent, dryer sheets, or even winter caps within arm’s reach at any given point. Of course, you can also combine your floating shelves with a wall organizer!

Spurling Wood and Metal Floating Wall Shelf with Hooks


Install a wall organizer!

If you don’t want to buy many new items for mudroom organization, seek out wall organizers. The right organizer has features like a shelf, hooks, and even a storage pocket for things like mail or homework. These kinds of multifunctional décor pieces allow you to maintain an organized mudroom without losing your decorative aesthetic.

Kate and Laurel Cates Magnetic Board with Hooks


Spruce it up with wall décor!

The mudroom is the first area of the home your guests will see. So there’s no better place to make a bold first impression with your décor! Use décor pieces like a piece of art, a clock, a wall mirror, or photos helps the space feel more like home.

Teotitlan Valley Study Canvas Art Set by Kate Aurelia Holloway


Bring It to Life with Greenery

A large potted plant, a group of wall-mounted planters, or a decadent plant stand next to a window gives your mudroom a refresh and clean vibe. Even if you can’t take care of plants, a faux piece of greenery goes a long way in improving the mood and aesthetic of a space.

Finn Metal Tri-Level Plant Stand

Do you have any mudroom tips? Tag us on a post on Instagram! Make sure to hashtag #KLmudroommakeover for a chance to be featured on our page!

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