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5 Essentials for The Ultimate Family Command Center

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

With school starting back up and work piling on the problems, it’s tough to keep the house (and your life) organized. That’s what makes a command center so important: it can de-clutter your space, make sure everyone is on the same page, and prepare you for the days ahead. We’re big on family command centers at K&L; without a pinboard or pocket shelf, we don’t know what we’d do with ourselves! Discover some fun styling ideas for wall organizers and wall-mounted items below.

Mail Organizers Are A Necessity

We all know the pecking order: bill, advertisement, coupon, bill, an important letter from a friend, another ad. You never know what specifically you need to throw away and what you need to keep. To help with this, invest in a pocket or standard shelf! Plenty of wall organizers include these space-saving features and allow you to store saved mail until you need it. We strongly recommend a pocket shelf or a wall organizer with mail holders to further organize your documents by category or priority.

A Chalkboard for Messages

Whether you grew up with a chore chart or your mom flipping you out of bed, it was important to have a reminder of your weekly duties. That’s what makes a chalkboard in your command center so crucial: it gives the kids (or roommates) something they can always check when they wake up to see who is doing what—plus, it allows them to cross off or erase anything they’ve done! A chalkboard is also great for telling people where you’re going, missed phone messages, or brainstorming ideas for work! It’s all about convenience with this item and having an erasable surface to write on in arm’s reach makes life much easier.


Decatur Hanging Wall Organizer with Hooks


Hanging Pegs for Everyday Essentials

When you are running out the door, it’s easy to forget something you’ll need. That’s why having a couple of small hooks or a coat rack is a fantastic element to introduce to your command center. It’s not only great for storing items but serving as a “last look” reminder to grab your coat, bag, or lunch before you walk out the door. Beyond the entryway, a few hooks also allow you to hang cute aprons in the kitchen, small towels in the powder room, or a bathrobe in the master bathroom!

Decatur Hanging Wall Organizer with Hooks


A Pinboard for Memories

Showcase your style and personality in your command center with a large pinboard or magnet board. These items are excellent for displaying photos, honor roll-approved report cards, or a party invitation. If you’d rather not make a hole in your hanging items, use a magnetic board, which never wears out and doesn’t require pinning. Personality is key when bringing together a family command center, and that is what makes the pinboard or magnetic board so useful in a large display.

 Mezzo Magnetic Wall Organizer with Shelf


A Calendar for Reminders

This one feels like a no-brainer. A calendar is so helpful in getting your household on the same page for monthly plans. It helps you remember birthdays, office meetings, get-togethers, and appointments! An erasable whiteboard or chalkboard calendar is the perfect way to reset and not waste paper when it’s time to transition into the next month.

What tips do you have for a family command center? Tag us in an Instagram post with the hashtag #KateandLaurel for a chance to be featured on our page!

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