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Decor Hacks for Hands-Off Decorators

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

With how fast and crazy life can get, it’s no wonder that many people don’t have time to decorate their homes to their style. It’s a daunting task, but that’s what this blog is all about! Check out some of our favorite tips and products to help you decorate (and organize) your home!


The Entryway: Wall Hooks

Save space in the entryway of your home by installing wall-mounted hooks! These hanging hooks save floor space while establishing a cozy aesthetic right as you walk through the door. We suggest the Hinter Shelf with Hooks to keep your home looking pretty and clean. 


Hinter Wood Shelf with Pegs


Living Room: Window Wall Mirror

The living room is your space to feel comfortable at home, so it should be open and relaxing. That’s why adding a mirror is so important: it enhances the light of your space while making it feel more dimensional. If you’re working with a room with a limited amount of windows or natural light, invest in a mirror with a window-like design, creating the illusion of a more natural and expanded area. 

Forsyth Windowpane Arch Mirror


Kitchen: Kitchen Cart

Unfortunately, many houses are pretty light on the functional cabinet space. That’s what makes a kitchen cart such an important necessity for your home: it offers a wheeled design to keep your ingredients and supplies in arms reach, plus it provides additional prep space for when you have a few courses to serve. 

Cates Multi-Purpose Rolling Utility Storage Organizer


Bathroom: Vanity Tray

A vanity tray goes a long way in showcasing your bathroom’s style. When you place a tray down on your vanity, you now have an organized surface to keep jewelry, tasteful jars of makeup brushes, lotions, and more. It keeps your bathroom organized while creating a raised look on the vanity.

Neila Metal Tray Set


Office: Pinboard

Need to de-clutter your desktop while keeping documents at arm’s reach? Try a pinboard! Fabric pinboards come in various styles and shapes to accentuate your style and provide the surface you need. Use it to hang up important documents, memos, and certificates, or use it as a dazzling vision board as a reminder always to set goals and follow your dreams. 

Beatrice Decorative Framed Linen Fabric Pinboard


Dining Room: Planter

Want to keep your home looking and feeling fresh? Try a planter as a dazzling centerpiece! A planter with a removable pot allows you to switch out plants from season to season, changing the tone and look of the room without much heavy lifting.

Gavri Tabletop Planter Set


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