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How to Use Wall Organizers

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Every home needs a central command center to communicate, keep track of comings and goings, and stay organized for the week. Keep your family’s week on track with multiple ways to stay organized and up to date with our wall organization boards!

Share Messages with a Chalkboard

A rustic or modern chalkboard brings your family together by providing a home space to keep track of everyone’s daily activities. It’s the ideal way to stay on top of chores, write grocery lists, and let others know where you’re going when you have a quick errand. You can also add your favorite mantra to keep in mind as you go about your day.


Plan with a Wall Calendar

Keep all your upcoming events in one place with a whiteboard or chalkboard wall calendar! A customizable calendar lets you keep track of your scheduled appointments and activities all in one place. Better yet, you can customize a chalkboard or whiteboard wall calendar year-by-year, saving your carpool schedule while saving the environment.


Decorate with a Pinboard

Create a photo board, vision board, or a simple memo board with a fabric-lined pinboard! A pinboard allows you to display art projects, wedding invitations, and cherished photos all in one place. These types of wall organizers save space on your counter while reducing clutter and showing off your creative side!


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