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Spotlight: The Finn Collection

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Plant stands don't get the love they deserve. Not only do they provide height and dimension to some of your favorite botanicals, but they're a multifaceted surface for both display and storage. When creating our bold and unique Finn collection, this was our intention: style and versatility combined in one stylish package.

The Trademarks

The stylish design of our modern Finn plant stands features a unique design. The Finn collection's trademarks include staggered tiers held within iron hinges, giving them a folding, nesting design. This not only allows you to change up the arrangement of your surface tiers but save space in any room of your home.

Finn Metal Tri-Level Plant Stand


The Classic Finn

The classic Finn plant stand is a lightweight and versatile accent piece for storage and display. Each tier features a round, 10-inch diameter, with a raised 2-inch edge that prevents your favorite plants and accents from falling to the ground. It's perfect for dressing up a large bay window, serving as a versatile element to introduce freshness and modern design to finish off your living room.

Finn Metal Tri-Level Plant Stand


The Short Finn

As the title alludes, the short Finn presents a more compact design for smaller spaces. This 22-inch height, while shorter, is perfect for flanking your favorite piece of furniture, showcasing your style, or even acting as a luxurious end table.

Finn Tiered Metal Plant Stand


The Tabletop Finn

Our smallest (but mightiest!) Finn has a lot to offer the modern decorator. It's only 10 inches tall and fits perfectly on your favorite dining or console table. It makes for the perfect centerpiece for small botanicals, a tasteful arrangement of cupcakes or other desserts, or a small area for photos or a tiny herb garden!


Finn Tiered Tabletop Planter


Which Finn is your favorite plant stand? Discover more of this beautiful collection at our website!

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