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Refreshing Your Home with 2022 Décor Trends

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Are the roads coated in salt and ice? Do you suddenly have a new gym membership? If so, that might mean it’s a brand-new year, 2022! The new year is all about renewal and a fresh start, and there’s no better way to incorporate some rejuvenation into your life than by refreshing your home décor! Check out some of 2022’s newest décor trends, along with some Kate and Laurel recommendations to help you create the look.

Traditional Décor Pieces

After the tidal wave of 2020 and 2021, people reminisce about more precedented times, looking for those items that inspire a sense of calm and comfort in their homes. That’s why more traditional-style décor pieces are coming back into style! Whether it’s an antique finish, ornate detailing, or solid wood construction, a traditional décor piece offers stability and robust craftsmanship

Quinlan Decorative Wood Wall Cabinet


What Works With This Trend:

The Quinlan collection offers robust storage with a traditional twist, featuring ornate glass doors and solid wood construction.


Natural (But Not Always Neutral) Material

People are starting to experiment with color in their homes again! However, it’s a little different this time: instead of cozy neutrals or bold pastels, decorators are gravitating toward colors and materials found in nature. What is more rejuvenating than the color palette of the outdoors? Whether it’s stoneware, distressed wood, or terra cotta, natural finishes and materials are coming back in a big way.

Aguilar Glam Drink Table


What Works With This Trend:

The Aguilar collection features authentic marble and quartz tabletops, ranging from beautiful rose quartz to a mesmerizing black agate with distinct patterning.


Tactile Décor

Textures are coming back in a big way. Texture helps break up the visual story of your room while adding a genuine warmth and a tactile sensation to viewers. Rough-hewn wood textures, rustic iron or aluminum, or even a beaded frame can go a long way in refreshing the look of your space.

Xylon Metal Framed Wall Mirror


What Works With This Trend:

The Xylon mirror collection is handcrafted in India with a process called sand-casting, which gives the mirror its signature texture and mesmerizing style.


Dimensional Art

Add energy and life to your walls with 3-Dimensional art pieces! This kind of space-enhancing wall décor accent piece brings your walls to life while showcasing your fun aesthetic.

Blake Waves Framed Printed Glass


What Works With This Trend:

Our Blake Printed Art collection offers glass and acrylic art pieces with transparent backgrounds that range from the wild currents of the ocean to an adorable baby elephant taking a bath! These fun and whimsical prints leap off your wall while adding a wealth of personality to your wall.


What is your favorite 2022 décor trend? Tag us in an Instagram post to show how you use K&L to refresh your home for 2022! You could be featured on our social media!

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