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7 Ways to Decorate with Texture

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Carved Wood 
The artisanal nature of carved wood pieces offers a robust and homemade quality to the room. It doesn’t feel manufactured but mythical in its design, telling the story of its creation through the intricacies of its carved detailing. Check out our Wyldwood collection for rich curvatures within robust solid wood.
Wyldwood Carved Wood Side Table


Textured Detailing 
Any piece that offers a tactile sensation to its design is worthy of a second glance within a décor scheme. For example, our Gwendolyn collection includes a beaded edge that draws you in while adding dimension to your wall.
Gwendolyn Beaded Framed Wall Mirror


Glass and Acrylic Art 
Sure, canvas art can get the job done in terms of adding a pop of color to your wall, but if you want to go the extra mile, explore other formats of art! We print a wide array of work produced by independent artists in various forms, such as glass, cork, wood, and peel-and-stick acrylic! In particular, our glass art offers dimension and stunning sleekness to any wall with its natural gloss.

Blake Colony 1 Framed Printed Glass by F2 Images


A Mixture of Finishes 
Adding texture can be as simple as implementing complementary colors within a display. Take our legendary Bordeaux collection: we don’t just stick to one finish, but an assortment in one set to showcase your photos within an aesthetically friendly color story.

Bordeaux Gallery Wall Wood Picture Frame Set


Despite bamboo sheets being a thing, don’t “sleep” on bamboo home décor! This unique material offers a unique fibrous texture that provides a tactile dimension to your space. Our Oren Mirror is an excellent way to showcase this fabulous material.

Oren Framed Wall Mirror

Distressed and vintage-inspired items tell a unique story that showcases style without eliminating practicality. Take our Quinlan cabinet collection, for example; they look vintage and carry a certain classic aesthetic and offer robust storage for some of your favorite household items.

Quinlan Decorative Wood Wall Cabinet

Soft Knits 
This is the easiest way to showcase your style through texture. CHUNKY KNITS! They’re warm, they’re cozy, and they have the potential to add a pop of color that is easy to switch out from season to season. Check out our Chunky Knit Blanket collection, which offers a variety of colors to set the tone of your living space.

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket


What are your favorite ways to decorate with texture? Post your style on Instagram with one of our products and tag us for a chance to be featured on our page!

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