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My First Home: How To Style Your First Adult Home

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

A new home is your blank canvas to reflect your style, favorite aesthetic, and personality. However, with a blank canvas comes a lot of work; where do you start decorating to make sure your home feels authentically you? Check out some of our favorite tips for styling and decorating your first home.

Embrace Imperfection

The thing about a new home is that it’s like a person; it takes time to figure out your first space. As you learn what accent pieces you like and what ultimately works for your room, your home décor will change and develop as time goes on.

Choose Your Aesthetic

There are many different style aesthetics you can go with: rustic, modern, midcentury, or glamorous. While we don’t recommend completely copying a style directly from a magazine, deciding on a stylistic direction is a great way to start. It gives you a nice starting point that allows you to shop according to a goal.

Winn Wood Framed Arch Mirror


Add A Lot of Light

Out of every decorative element to add to your home, lighting is one of the most essential. Whether you choose wall scones, table lamps, or freestanding lamps, adding light is crucial to creating the mood you want your home to reflect. If you’re someone who prefers natural light, accentuate your space with mirrors. A mirror will enhance the natural light of your area and make it feel more all-encompassing.

Quaid Wood Framed Wall Mirror


Create a Decorative Focal Point

Tying your room together with a focal point is a great first step! Having one large or attention-grabbing focal point allows you to have something to anchor to the rest of your decor. Keeping one core piece of décor to influence the rest of your decorative accents is a perfect way to build your room scene into something homey and even Instagram-worthy.

Adela Wood and Metal Wall Shelf


Art Adds Character

There’s no better way to add personality to your wall than with some wall art. Printed art is a fabulous way to set the tone of your home without doing a drastic overhaul of your space. A piece of mid-century modern art suddenly makes your living room into a boho paradise. No need for paint or elaborate furniture; the right art will express your vision.


Sylvie Tulum Ruins Framed Canvas by Kasey Free

Do you have any tips for first-time homeowners or decorators? Post your advice on Instagram with #KateandLaurel for a chance to be featured on our Instagram stories!

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