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Entry-Level Décor: 5 Ways To Decorate Your Entryway

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

The entryway is often an undervalued and unsung hero of home décor. Walking into your home, whether it’s the first time or the five-hundred and first time, you want décor that ultimately sets the tone for your entire aesthetic. Whether it be small pieces or elegant statement-making accents, it’s important to showcase who you are in this space. Check out our five ways to style your entryway for maximum impact.

Add Extra Lighting

Do you know what would turn off your guests? A pitch-black hallway that descends into nothing as soon as you open the door. To avoid this, we recommend some good lighting! Some functional yet sophisticated wall sconces could add a layer of elegance to your entryway while lighting a path and natural procession throughout your home. To maximize the light, both natural and sconce or lamp-produced, try adding a mirror, too!

Oakly Wall Sconce


Use Decorative Storage Pieces

Okay, sure, no brainer to some, but not to all! Introducing a side table, wall organizer, or coat rack near your entryway eliminates the weird pause that happens when your guests ask, “Um…where do I put my coat?” These decorative elements keep your entry organized while ensuring there’s an answer to that awkward question right as you walk inside.

Ozias Shelf with Hooks


Showcase Plants for Ambience

A decorative plant is a perfect way to add a lovely piece of nature to your décor. It presents a soft, natural look that is a fabulous way to wow your guests with your green thumb. Choose a hanging, wall-mounted, or freestanding design to work with your space and other decorative accents.

Nobrey Metal Hanging Planter


Decorate Your Console

There is nothing more welcoming than a warm, decorative console table in your entry. It provides a focus for guests and sets the tone for the décor of your home. We could write a whole new blog about decorating a console table (watch this space, people!), but you can never go wrong with a combination of a console, focal point mirror, plant, and an accent tray! It’s a winning combo that keeps your guests immersed in your style.

Bellport Console Table


Add Seating with a Bench

Adding a bench to your entryway is the perfect way to tuck away extra seating. It’s a dynamic, decorative statement that sets the tone of your aesthetic while giving you a convenient space to add to your gathering when you have a lot of guests over. Plus, a bench is easy to use as a shoe rack or storage catch-all as you walk through the door.


Jeran Bench with Shelf


How did you decorate your entryway? Tag us in a photo on Instagram and hashtag #KateandLaurel for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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