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How to Create the Perfect Plant Corner

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

It isn't easy to make a place feel like home in today's day and age. Whether you're renting or don't have the time for a full-scale paint job and renovation, putting your stamp on your living space isn't as achievable as one might hope.

One way to customize your space? Adding plants!

Plants help create a refreshing living environment that offers a personal touch without permanently changing the walls of your home. A display of greenery is also an excellent way to improve the air quality and feng shui of your home simply by being there. Fill your home with plants while keeping them nice and organized with this handy guide on creating the perfect plant corner.

Experiment with Plant Sizes

Don't be afraid to experiment with plant sizes. Taller plants can create a textured, jungle-inspired look for a beautiful nook or bay window! However, in an apartment, you may want smaller sizes for general care, portability, and maintenance. Another factor to consider: layering your wall display with multiple sizes increases the visual intrigue!

Fields Plant Stand

Fields Tri-Level Metal Plant Stand


Vary Your Display

There are tons of options for displaying your plants outside of a windowsill! For example, a multi-tiered plant stand or plant shelf helps distinguish each plant and the care they need, maintaining a compelling vision of green while keeping them well-organized. You can also create a wall- or ceiling-mounted plant display with pendant-style planters.

Nobrey Planter

Nobrey Metal Hanging Planter Set


Keep It Localized

To prevent making your home feel like a greenhouse, ensure that your plant display stays localized in one place. A plant display is a great way to show off your hobbies while maintaining an elegant indoor garden. Keep your plants in an area with a lot of light to help facilitate their growth. Less is more if you'd like to bring more greenery to other spaces.

Groves Planter

Groves Hanging Pot Vertical Wall Planter


Try Faux

If you're a girl or guy on the go, faux plants may be the route. It's hard to keep plants alive and growing on their own, but add a busy schedule to the mix, and you may go through a few attempts of caring for your little green buddies. For the low-maintenance decorator, faux plants can supplement your need for the green.

Paynter Planter

Paynter Floor Planter Set


Consider Succulents or Low-Maintenance Plants

On the same note, if you'd like to maintain caring for a plant with a limited schedule, try a succulent! Aloe Vera, ZZ, and Spider Plants, in addition to cacti, need very little attention and look beautiful, setting the tone of your space without the constant need for care.

Finn Tabletop Planter

 Finn Tiered Tabletop Planter


How do you decorate your plant corner? Let us know!

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