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10 Tips for the Ultimate Reading Nook

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Are you struggling to concentrate on a good book in 2022? Even in the best circumstances, it’s difficult to be calm and focused with all the technology and stress of the modern world. So we’ve devised this short but sweet list of tips on creating a reading nook. A reading nook is a peaceful oasis away from hashtags, doom scrolling, and political pundits. You deserve an escape from it all, and that’s why these tips are perfect for getting you started.

Choose the Right Color

We are a big fan of neutrals at Kate & Laurel, but adding a pop of vibrant color through window trim or a colorful accent piece is lovely to add some chic eccentricity. It also adds a joyful and energetic tone that encourages happy thoughts!


Maximize Coziness

When you think of a reading nook, what pops into your head? To us, it’s chunky-knit blankets, extra cushioned pillows, and fairy lights. This is your space to read a couple of chapters, take a nap, and read a couple more chapters, hopefully with a mug of coffee in your hand the second go-around. Comfort is crucial for getting in the reading zone.

Chunky Knit Blanket

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket


Create Space With a Closet

Are you struggling with a small space in your house or apartment? You can open some space up in the room by renovating your closet as a nook! Remove the doors and add a wall sconce, a snug loveseat, and an end table to complete the look.


Natural Light

Place your reading nook near natural light (hopefully a bay window) for a relaxing day in the sun without ever leaving your couch. To maximize the natural light, hang some mirrors pointed or angled toward your windows!

Elijah Pivot Mirror

Elijah Pivot Wall Mirror


Window Treatments

Yes, natural light is important, but to ensure you don’t end up squinting on sunny days, add some window coverings. Window treatments allow you to use the light in your space without straining your eyes.


Soft Lighting

Fairy lights, sconces, candles, or even stick-on stars can add ambiance to your reading corner. It’s all about creating a tranquil environment, and soft lighting is the perfect way to enhance the mood.

Bedrick Candle Holder Set

Bedrick Candle Holder Set


Choose the Right Seating

Remember when we said maximize coziness? That’s still crucial, but you also want a seat where you can focus on reading. No one makes a reading nook out of a murphy bed for a reason: you need the furniture that will help you focus. So whether that’s a chaise lounge, an armchair, or a loveseat, it’s important to find the seating that fits your reading or “focus” style.


Maximize Storage

Whether floating shelves or freestanding cabinetry, stowing away your books is essential to a good reading nook. Keeping your favorite novels within arm’s reach and keeping out clutter is necessary for an organized reading nook.

Cates Cabinet

Cates Wood Wall Storage Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door


Add some portability!

Perhaps you don’t want to build your reading nook, but create small reading spaces throughout your home! Use a rolling bar or kitchen cart to bring your books to any area of the house.


Show Personality with Art

Decorating your reading nook is important for showcasing who you are. Adding the right art pieces is the perfect way to add a pop of color, a soothing abstract, or an organic succulent. If you’re worried about leaving marks on your wall, we have plenty of peel-and-stick acrylic art pieces to get you started.

Quiet Jungle 1 left and Right Neutral Abstract

Sylvie Quiet Jungle 1 left and Right Neutral Abstract Framed Canvas by Kelly Knaga


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