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Décor for Spring in 2022

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Spring is a time for rejuvenation; everything is waiting for a fresh start, from nature to spring cleaning. We should all embrace the change of the new cycle with a home décor refresh! A unique style or new accent pieces can reboot your whole perspective on life. Are you looking for a way to change your outlook and the space around you? Check out some of our favorite Spring styling tips for a spring-forward home décor aesthetic.


You probably don’t need a home décor blog to tell you that copious amounts of greenery are appropriate for spring. To paraphrase the great Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Greenery? For spring? Groundbreaking.” There are plenty of ways to display plants throughout your home, whether faux or authentic with your liner. Try a piece from our Gavri collection, available in freestanding and wall-mounted editions to take advantage of this new trend.

Gavri Metal Planter with Wood Stand


 Cottagecore Décor

The coastal cottage is coming back in a big way. As it turns out, the look of whitewashed wood and cozy frills is becoming more of a comfort in our modern world. As a result, people are switching out the urban style to create a back-to-basics, simple look. Try using a piece from our beautiful Bayville collection to achieve this coastal cottage look!

Bayville Wooden Tray Table



Minimal, straight lines are being switched out for curvaceous forms and elegant architectural arches this season. These curves provide your space with a softness that makes everything less sharp and cold. To add some curves to your home, try one of our scalloped Lalina mirrors, featuring a stunning sunburst shape.

Lalina Scalloped Round Framed Accent Mirror


Earth Tones

What’s more spring than an homage to the organic colors of the globe? Earth tones are coming back in a great way, with dark browns, sage, and other natural tones in decorative pieces. If you’d like to add earth tones with added function to your space, try our Laranya Table in the black and dark clay finish. As a bonus, this dark clay finish has an enamel coat, elevating it with a glossy style.

Laranya Round Metal Side Table



Do you know what happens in spring? Earth Day. While that’s not the only reason to shop sustainably, it is a good reason. It’s important now more than ever to add decorative pieces to your homemade responsibly with organic material. That’s why a lot of our products incorporate authentic mango wood! Mango wood is sustainable because it is practically a by-product of the mango tree, only being used for décor after it has stopped producing fruit. So, if you want to try out a piece of mango wood decor and add to your curved furniture collection, try our round Aja Coffee Table!

Aja Wood Coffee Table

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