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A Guide to Minimalist Décor

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Spring is all about kicking out the clutter and bringing in the light! A full refresh is on the way, and what better way to approach home decorating than with minimalism? Here are some of our favorite tips for embracing minimalist décor along with our favorite minimalist items on sale now!

Neutral Colors

Embrace a palette of uncomplicated, neutral colors that don’t overwhelm the senses. Pastels, whites, and cream tones allow your home to feel clean and relaxed. Explore our Lipton tray collection to discover neutral finishes that add a sense of calming function to your home.

Lipton Hexagon Decorative Tray 

 Lipton Hexagon Decorative Tray with Metal Handles


Maximize Hidden Storage

Creating additional storage throughout your home allows you to present a minimalist décor scheme without scrapping all of your personal items. Wall-mounted and concealed storage allows you to de-clutter and save space in your home. For functional, clean storage, check out our Mezzeta cabinets!


 Mezzeta Decorative Wood Wall Cabinet


Layer with Texture

Texture functions well with a neutral baseline and clean design. That pop of visual distinction creates intrigue and offers more than just one design note. Woven bamboo, distressed, dark wood, and textured throw pillows are excellent for adding exquisite details to your minimal aesthetic. Our Elita drink table features a helix-inspired perforated base to offer textured elegance to any room!

Elita Wood and Metal Pedestal End Table 

 Elita Wood and Metal Pedestal End Table


Accessorize Your Space

Just because you’re going minimalist does not mean you have to leave out the accessories. Adding some freshness with plants or a candle for sensory relaxation goes a long way in improving the mood of your room. Accessorize the space with small accent pieces with the Fields Tri-Level Plant Stand! 

Fields Tri-Level Plant Stand 

 Fields Tri-Level Metal Plant Stand


Enhance Natural Light

The most important tip of minimalism is to engage with the space as it already exists. If your area feels dark or closed off, a mirror is perfect for adding more brightness and creating a more open concept. You can go for the windowpane look for rooms without windows to the outside or a full glass pane to add extra depth. We recommend the unique Bakersfield Panel Mirror or Uldrich Wood Mirror to emphasize the natural light.

Uldrich Wood Framed Mirror

Uldrich Wood Framed Mirror

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