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Getting The Most Out of Spring Cleaning

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

‘Tis the season—and no, we’re not talking that season. We’re talking about the spring season! It’s time for us all to come out of our caves, open the windows, and refresh our homes with a new look. Want a little help with your yearly spring refresh? With the proper techniques, your home will look fresh and ready for company, and you’ll be able to put the doldrums of winter far behind you. Embrace spring with these helpful tips!

Add Greenery

What is more synonymous with a refresh than some beautiful natural greenery?  Plants are the perfect way to showcase your green thumb just in time for Earth Day, plus they add a natural feeling of openness. They’re also fantastic for getting your creative juices flowing, their mere presence providing a sense of calmness and spiritual freedom.

Kate and Laurel Navara Planter Set


Switch Out Your Art—But Not In The Way You’d Expect

Sure, you can buy new art—who doesn’t like a brand-spanking-new Rembrandt to tie their décor together? However, if you’re low on cash and looking for some innovation in your space, try switching your art! Switch the family portrait out of the bedroom into your entryway and add the Picasso to your bedroom. A piece of art has the capability of changing the whole vibe of a space, so keeping the art pieces you already own on constant seasonal rotation makes each room feel new yet familiar.

Kate and Laurel Highland Cow Canvas


Be Smart About Organization

Yes, we all know the Marie Kondo tips of throwing out things that don’t spark joy. However, it’s time to get a little innovative about how we store and organize items. Invest in organizational items that make your areas stay clean. For example, in your home office: Use a desktop organizer or a wall shelf to save space.

Kate and Laurel Briggs Desktop Monitor Stand


Add More Light

Face it; after a bleak, dark winter, we could all use a little more Vitamin D in our lives. Maximize the natural light in your home by hanging decorative accent mirrors to your space! A wall mirror increases the vibrancy of a space by spreading that natural light, enhancing the overall depth and dimension of a room.

Kate and Laurel Odaire Mirror


Rearrange Your Space

The Feng Shui of your favorite room changes from season to season, so to achieve a calming, more enlightened space, rearrange your furniture and wall accents. Rearranging the layout of your living space makes it feel brand new and fresh, inviting you to fully embrace a new perspective on your home (literally!)


How do you keep your home feeling fresh from season to season? Tag us in a photo on Instagram and hashtag #KateandLaurelSpringRefresh for a chance to be featured on our page!

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