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Gibson Collection Spotlight

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

When hanging your favorite pictures or creating a stunning wall gallery, you want to give each memory a new life. It’s important to tell the story of your life in a classy, if not dramatic, gallery. We crafted our rich Gibson picture frames and wall décor collection with this in mind: breathing new life into your favorite spaces and moments while embracing graceful visual storytelling. What makes this collection so special? On this week’s blog, we dive into the artful design of this bold family of products, available in a wide array of formats.

Hallmarks of the Collection

What sets the Gibson collection apart is its soft and understated look. The frame of each piece is paper-wrapped for an unpretentious style that doesn’t overwhelm or overpower other elements of décor. A two-tone finish graces each item, ranging from Scandinavian-inspired natural wood, soft white, or a calming gray.

Gibson Framed Wall Mirror


Gibson Frame Packs

The Gibson frame collection comes in a variety of formats to tell your story in elegant beauty. Our frame packs for the Gibson collection come in a set of four for your 5x7 photos, ensuring even the most casual of moments have the frames they need to be remembered. In addition, the 8x10 frame situates your photographs under glass to preserve your memories for decades to come.

Gibson Photo Frame Set


Gibson Mirror

Adding a mirror to your wall gallery projects sophistication and adds an eye-catching focal point. Not only is the Gibson a visually stunning statement piece, but it also enhances the vibrancy of your space, making it feel more illuminated. The reflective surface of the Gibson Mirror also makes your room feel more open, highlighting the dimension and depth of any area of your home.

Gibson Framed Wall Mirror


Gibson Wall Gallery Kit

Do you want to make your wall into a stunning gallery of your favorite memories? The Gibson Wall Gallery Kit is perfect for various photo sizes to tell a complete story. This set of 10 frames features sizes in 5x7, 4x6, 8x10, and 11x14, creating a stunning collage of your family, friends, and furry companions.

Gibson Wall Photo Frame Set


Gibson Document Frames

Diplomas and certifications are some of our most cherished milestones, and it’s important to celebrate them! That’s why the Gibson document frames are excellent for showcasing your hard work as a student or master of your craft. These 8.5x11 frames are great for the office or your bedroom, reminding yourself and your family of the hard work it takes to achieve the American Dream.

Gibson Photo Frame Set


What is your favorite Gibson item? Let us know on Instagram!

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