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Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

The bedroom should be a sanctuary for your inner peace. In your bedroom, you shouldn’t have to think about anything except your comfort and a peaceful night of sleep. If you’re struggling to create a zen space in your bedroom, we have a few tips to help you get started.


Add Functional Side Tables

Avoid clutter in your space whenever possible. To efficiently organize your bedside, use a side table with ample storage (a large surface area or a couple of drawers) to de-clutter your space and make your room feel organized and ready for a peaceful night of sleep.


Kitt Floating Shelf Side Table


Enhance Natural Light

Soft lighting is crucial to creating a peaceful bedroom. To enhance the soft glow of your bathroom, try improving the natural light by adding a mirror to the wall. A mirror not only enhances the depth and space of your bedroom but gives your space a cozier feel and enhanced vibrancy.


Hogan Framed Scallop Wall Mirror


Decorate With Calming Art

The ideal bedroom space matches your aesthetic while feeling uncomplicated. Adding a modern piece of art like a beachy landscape, a unique abstract, or a whimsical and colorful portrait is a fabulous way to incorporate your taste while doing a minimal overhaul on the space as a whole. Hanging a few key pieces of art sets an entirely new tone in your bedroom and allows your walls to match your personality.


Sylvie How The Sun Loves The Moon Framed Canvas by Maggie Stephenson


Hang Your Favorite Photos

Do you want to know the easiest way to create a space for reflection? Adding your favorite photos to your wall! Hanging collages or photo frames showcasing your favorite people and memories allow you to remind yourself of the important things in life. Hanging a reminder of a joyful moment, a far-away friend, or your family members reminds you just how lucky you are to have a life filled with love, happiness, and warmth.


Bordeaux Gallery Wall Picture Frame Set


What are some of your tips for decorating the bedroom? Tag us in a photo with your advice featuring the hashtag #KLBedroomStyle for a chance to be on our Instagram!

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