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Crafting In Style: 5 Ways to Bring Your Creative Space to Life

by Jeffrey Hersheway |

Unleash your creative freedom and express your true artistic ambitions by enhancing your craft room. Having your own space to create allows you to cut out the distractions of everyday life to be your most passionate and authentic self. Whether you call it a craft room, she shed, or man cave, your creative space should elicit feelings of tranquil bliss, creative passion, and personal connection. Here are some of our favorite tips for creating and organizing your craft room.

Use A Wall Organizer

Okay, yes, artists shouldn’t be restricted by the confines of keeping a room clean. But there has to be some sort of controlled chaos, right? We think so, at least. So, to save surface area on your workspace, use pocket organizers! A wall pocket organizer allows you to keep all of your favorite paint brushes, pens, scissors, and more within arm’s reach—without taking up too much space.

Gramer Metal Wall Pocket Set


Inspire Yourself With A Pinboard

Adding a pinboard or photo organizer to your wall allows you to trigger your most creative self. Whether you’re laying out your artistic vision or pinning your most cherished pictures to the wall, a pinboard or magnetic board brings you closer to the concept you are trying to achieve.

Stallard Wood Wall Pinboard with Hooks


Store Items in a Cabinet

A wall-mounted storage cabinet brings your style to life while stowing away your craft supplies. It’s another way to bring about neat organization and tucking your supplies away without cluttering your space or making it impossible to find anything!

Cates Decorative Wood Wall Storage Cabinet with Sliding Barn Doors


Strengthen Your Creativity With Plants!

Greenery helps refresh your mind and get creative juices flowing just by being in the room. Adding a few plant stands or wall-hanging planters adds life and texture to your creative space to enhance visual inspiration. Succulents and other greenery layered throughout the area are the perfect way to unleash your passionate creativity.

Kellet Wall Planter Set


Inspire Yourself With Art

Creativity and inspiration are hard to find in a space that isn’t motivational. So bring bright colors and your favorite inspirational quote or saying to your wall with some beautiful wall art! Adding a piece of wall art to your craft space reflects your personality while pushing you towards a creative epiphany with each brushstroke and key tap.


Sylvie You Are Enough Framed Canvas by Maria Filar


How do you decorate your craft room? Show your craft room on Instagram and tag us (@kateandlaurel) for a chance to be featured on our page!

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