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Choosing a Shelf for Your Space

by Catherine Bell |

Choosing the best shelf for your home can be daunting when you consider all the choices available. Shelves can be put up just about anywhere so knowing how you want to use it and where you want to put it is going to be a big factor in what shelf you should choose.

Besides personal style, your shelving has to fit your day to day needs. How do you want it to work with your stuff? Do you want to use it to store it, display it or hide it? Do you have wall space or floor space? Does it need to work on its own or will you have it grouped with other furniture? Well-placed shelves can work in all those scenarios and create a versatility that will add space to any room.

So, you see there are lots of things to consider before you decide on what type of shelf fits your lifestyle and home décor. At Kate and Laurel, we have a large range of shelving. So much so, that you are sure to find a shelf that makes sense for you.

Let's look a little closer at the where. Where you’ll be placing your new shelves will help narrow down your search. 

The Bathroom

A bathroom is a common place for shelving and one that calls for a lot of functionality. Pretty candles, soaps and nicely folded or hung towels will work wonders to upscale a guest bathroom. It’s a storage request that calls for an open design that has lots of good looks and is smart enough to hold an array of necessary items like perfumes or hand towels.

The Torben multi-use shelf with hanging bar is tastefully understated while being enormously functional. Its usefulness is only limited by your imagination. In the bathroom, this shelf will honor most any style and open up a storage solution that makes your bathroom beautiful.

The Bedroom

Hate that clutter on your nightstand? Install shelving above the area to take your organization to the next level. Bedroom shelving needs to look stylish and create another space to place, hang or display your more personal items. A cabinet/shelf combination makes for a terrific choice. Add a mirror to the mix, and you have a functional unit for over a dressing table.

The Cates Wall Cabinet Mirror with Barn Door is newly designed to include a panel mirror on the right side within the cabinet. This clever unit has lots of functionality to organize in a big way without using a lot of space. It'll work exceptionally well in a powder room as a unique vanity, but it would also look and function great in an entryway, mudroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

The Office

Shelving for your office has to be at the right height and within reach for it to meet the needs of your most productive space. Ergonomic needs, functionality, and personality are what to look for when deciding on office furniture including your shelves. You may want to keep files or books handy or maybe you’ll use it as a way to display your family photos to keep you motivated during work hours?

The casual decorator will love the Corblynd shelf. It just works without too much thought or effort creating an inviting decor with great function. The decorative wood braces support the deep shelf allowing plenty of room for books and office supplies.


The Kitchen

A shelf in the kitchen is an easy way to feature your prettiest cups and make way for a casual coffee station. Display spices, kitchen utensils, and even a houseplant to create a sense of warmth only a plant can bring.

Upgrade your kitchen coffee bar with this rustic floating shelf with hooks. Use the Spurling's wooden shelf to organize and display your coffee grinder and French press while using the hooks to hang your coffee mugs.

The Living Room

Your living spaces demand a particularly decorative shelf and must complement the existing décor and architecture. A floating ledge like shelf can add some architectural interest or a freestanding bookshelf will add to the room’s symmetry.

Freestanding bookshelves need a bit more thought in some ways. Of course, the overall space they need will be a deciding factor in how or if they work for your living space. They will add a wonderful feature to your room and create a great place to display books, knick-knacks, framed photos, and collections. To get the best look on each shelf, make sure to display collections in groupings placed either directly on the shelf or use an interesting book or colorful pedestal as a perch to create an exciting motif.

The Rio Shelf is a handsome choice and comes in several colors. It’s the perfect height and size to use in a room with plenty of furniture. There is enough surface space for books, houseplants, media devices, or whatever you choose. A multitude of shelves reduces clutter and adds extra storage, making the area a relaxing place to entertain or just sit quietly.

A decorative wooden shelf with the trendy look of a solid wood beam will work well alone as a wall mantel under framed artwork or a mirror, or as a wall shelf for candles, photos and knick-knacks. It’s a great alternative to the traditional wall shelf with brackets.

Add a bit of storage and modern style to the walls of your home with the Boxx Mantel Wall Shelf. It looks like a solid wooden beam but has a smart, lightweight design. You get the look you want in an easy, affordable way.

The Craft Room

Many of us nowadays have a special room or area for sewing, crafts or kids’ projects. This space calls for great storage too! You’ll want it to be efficient, presentable and inspiring while it keeps all your supplies organized and easy to access.

Made from durable wood with a rustic finish and galvanized metal accents, the Trestan Shelves are farmhouse chic and feature three layered boxes supported by a sturdy metal frame. Each wooden shelf has container sections perfect for storage or even growing your favorite small plants and herbs (liners not included).

The Mudroom or Entryway

The comings and goings of your home deserve a special mention. It doesn’t need to be fancy but it must be functional and since it is the first and last thing you see before leaving or entering, you’ll want it to look especially nice.

Hooks and mirror in addition to the shelf make the Coburn ideal for this job. This framed mirror combines industrial chic home decor with lots of functionality. Hang it in your entryway for one last look out the door and to hold your keys, hooks, mail, or anything you need to remember as you leave the house.

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